Everybody On Top Path 5: Forgiveness – Let It Go or die Unhappy.

By f3wsinc@twitter.com/ facebook.com; Debra Fletcher(fwsinc)


Everybody On Top is a ten week installment helping independent artists identify alternative paths to a mega career destination.  Previous articles were Path 1: AccountabilityTake responsibility for your actions and Path 2: Discipline – Working for what you want. Path 3: Acceptance –Acknowledging the inevitable. Path 4: Humility When you are wrong, you are wrong. This week’s article will focus on Path 5 ForgivenessLet it go or die unhappy.

Forgiveness is the million dollar thoroughbred stallion that passes us in our race. Forgiveness runs a furlough ahead of us to the finish line prancing in its magnificent glory hopping we will catch up.  We don’t so Forgiveness begins its braying and shuffling until it creates the heap of dirt that traps us in mediocrity. Listen. Can you hear that shrilling voice? It’s braying “Let it go or die unhappy.”

Outwardly, it might seem that we would rather nourish our grudges than to be healthy and happy.  Nothing could be further from the truth. We hear the thoroughbred’s braying.  We just don’t know how to answer the call. The act of forgiveness challenges our being in a way that is indescribable.   Forgiveness is one of the most powerful remedies for one’s health.

Research has proven that failing to forgive compromises the body’s autoimmune systems. Yet, most of us continue to struggle with the act of forgiveness. We know forgiving can boost our health. We also know that forgiveness is the right thing to do. There is nothing new to be said on this subject.  It does not require it. Mankind has yet to master it the act with all the information that history and research has proved.  Thousands, no millions of lives have been lost or ruined because somebody could not forgive. Your career doesn’t have to be a statistical causality.

Today we can get back in the race.  All we have to do is shake off the unforgiving dirt heaped around our ankles. This is easier said than done. The adage that easy is worthless is true.  It’s a difficult choice to stop licking our wounds. Choice is the operative word here. We must choose to take back our power. We do this by forgiving or let someone always have power over us through our refusal to forgive. No offender deserves any of our personal power.

So start one of the most difficult journeys of your life. Forgive. Remove yourself from the pain of abandonment, abuse, bullying, disappointment, neglect and whatever wrong has been done to you.  Accept that someone will disappoint and hurt you in life. Spend your energy loving you. You survived the wrong. That alone makes you worthy. Give yourself permission to move on.  Find another agent, join another band, and get to the next audition. There is another venue to appreciate your work.  Then watch your talent soar. Remember your mantra is “Let it go or die unhappy.”


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