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Everybody On Top is a ten week installment helping independent artists identify alternative paths to a mega career destination.  Previous articles were Path 1: AccountabilityTake responsibility for your actions and Path 2: Discipline – Working for what you want. Path 3: Acceptance –Acknowledging the inevitable. Path 4: Humility When you are wrong, you are wrong. Path 5 ForgivenessLet it go or die unhappy. Path 6: Generosity – Putting others first moves you forward. Do more. This week’s article will focus on Path 7: Discretion – Protected hook ups lead to seven large bank accounts.

Hook Ups

Protecting your hook ups is vital to your music career advancement. Career advancement puts you on the way to your seven large bank account. You spend tremendous amounts of resources getting them. Your time, energy, and creative processes are invaluable.  They cannot be replaced.  Don’t let an ill spoken word or untimely move can rob you of your opportunities.

The idea that someone needs to remind us to monitor what we pay attention to or say is almost too basic to even write about. It’s a self-explanatory message that we’ve heard since childhood. Most of us know thousands of cliché warnings about how to conduct our lives. Yet at least once a week someone finds themselves paying a dear price for violating at least one those clichés.  Usually the cost is shrinking opportunities and double-digit bank accounts. Opportunity is the only reliable way to a seven large bank account shrinks.

As an independent artist, the right hook up and properly delivered messages increase your market share.  There are three great secrets to increasing your market share.  They are:

1. More market shares

2. More market shares

3. And more market shares.

The only other route to a seven large bank account is inheritance.  That could be a long wait with iffy results.  Delivering the wrong message can send a career plunging into an abyss unleashing every hook up. All it takes is one incident.  Then you are at the mercy of others.  It’s important to understand what messages you are delivering to others.  For this we have a five step Discretion Message process.

  1. Receive a message
  2. Reason out the message
  3. Restructure the message to fit our need
  4. Repeat the message when similar circumstances arise.
  5. Replace the message with a new message when needed

Discretion Message Cycle

Our Discretion Message process shapes our actions, behaviors, and thoughts. Those seedy messages are culprits which cues our subconscious to sabotage our progress. Last week my involvement in a lost opportunity was an expensive reminder that what message we take in is as important as those we give out.

A more reasonable approach is to do some immediate tweaking in the self-development area. One helpful tool is the Message Regeneration Process. This is process of identifying, reasoning, restructuring, replacing, and repeating new messages until they become second nature.  Call it the I4Rs process. The name only becomes important if you are willing to use the I4Rs.  The Regeneration diagram below is a simplification of the regenerating message concept.

Regeneration Message Model

I4Rs allows a healthy mind to reprogram internal messages one message at a time. Consider every discouraging message a light bulb.  The light bulb comes on every time you attempt to advance your work or make a change.  Turn that light bulb off with a counter message. Your counter message is any message that will move you closer to your desired outcomes.  This one process has been instrumental in eliminating some troublesome messages in many lives.  It’s an effective way reign in your emotions. It’s also a cheap alternative to therapy.

Push out those negative messages that replay tenaciously in your mind setting you up for or failure. Replace them with messages that move you closer to a chance at a seven large bank account.  Develop your ability to control what messages you allow to dictate to you and those you communicate with is invaluable.  Communicating the wrong message can be devastating. Listening to the wrong message can be even more disastrous.

Try something as simple by saying, “My talents are a gift for which I am thankful.  I must nourish and protect them.” Tell yourself this or whatever positive message suits your needs every time you find yourself with a message that is sabotaging your efforts. Instead of arriving late for whatever reason, arrive fifteen minutes early. Let go of any resentment when someone has mistreated you. Allow their next target to set them straight.  Your time and energy is too valuable to waste on jerks or jerkettes.

Someone in my camp tells me daily, “Be wise, talent doesn’t matter when artists forget that opportunities are made and broken by messages.  A new talent is always behind you pushing up.”

A wise woman once told me, “You are your best product. Don’t mishandle it.”  Tardiness, bad temperament, ego, nor will any other forms of unprofessionalism get in my way of progress.  This concept used to elude me a great deal of my life.  Wiser now, it is easy for me to accept that being a 24/7 customer service expert on my own behalf is the best choice.  It’s one that will work for you too. Protecting our hook ups puts all of us on the path to a seven large bank account.


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