Going to the movies?  Well look out for this. . . .

It’s Butter Or Maybe Not

21 J S


Ice Cube and his co-stars Jonah Hill, & Channing Tatum star in 21 JUMP STREET, a remake action-comedy based on the television series about two undercover cops who pose as teenagers to thwart crime.  It was cheesy  as a television show.  The movie is probably also cheesy.  It promises a laugh or two for fans.

Decades ago, 21 JUMP STREET was a procedural police drama popular because it debut stars Johnny Depp and Holly Robinson who pushed pop culture influences of a generation while parents stood by watching boob tube babies headed for destruction.  It aired in syndication from April 12, 1987, to April 27, 1991. That was 103 episodes smirking undercover cops that swaggered their way into homes. Since the world’s still here we may have to find other alternatives to create our demise like, diseases, financial disasters, nuclear war, or a tsunami.  The rest of us will enjoy the laughter and whatever exploits Hollywood can contrive.